Life-style Report


Lifestyle Report


First Impressions:

The purpose of this section is to rate your first impression as you pull into the parking lot. Some more prominent clubs have someone that’ll pick you up in a cart, fair play but not all clubs can afford this so just a general feeler.

Reception staff (if applicable):

How welcoming / helpful are the staff? Are they treating you like a valued guest or are you struggling to see them on their high horse?

Pro Shop staff:

How welcoming / helpful are the staff? Are they treating you like a valued guest or are you struggling to see them on their high horse?

Halfway house staff:

Very seldom will halfway staff not be friendly but make a note of how you felt when you entered. A recent experience one of us encountered at a course was where the cashier would ask each player how they are playing. We are 100% certain that she got tired of the stories but the smiles it gave players to crack a joke of “my ball is attracted to water” made that an experience to remember.

Another factor is value for money. Was the halfway house well priced or at least in accordance with general halfway pricing? We recently encountered a halfway house that charged R187 for 2 pies, 1 beer and 2 soft drinks, this would be classified as ROUGH pricing.

19th Hole staff:

These are usually outsourced waiters but a pivotal point of any club’s success! Were the waiters helpful? Did you have to wait to be served? What was your experience on the best hole.

Value for money of 19th? We believe this is not something that is limited to different area equals better prices. Pretoria Country Club has a great Brandy special and well-priced Pizza. So this is down to a management decision.

On course staff:

On course staff is everything from the starters to the course maintenance workers to the course marshal. Was the starter a legend that cracked a joke or a snob that shunted you on. Was the man in the cart, aka course marshal reasonable with his requests? We all know there are newcomer hackers out there but the way in which the marshal handles the situation is key. In 2 separate instances we had one course marshal whistle and finger shunt a player and in the other drive up to the player and request that they speed up play in a friendly manner. The 2 approaches will achieve very different results from players and their experience.


Locker rooms, clubhouse in general, halfway house. This is an overview of the club’s facilities. Did you feel warm and fuzzy or was it a grim experience?

General Lifestyle:

Aimed more at current members and all round “vibe” of the club. Was it one where you felt uncomfortable being present as if everyone was doing you a favour by allowing you to be there or was the vibe “lekker” where golfers from all walks interacted?

Additional Notes:

Was there anything that stood out during your experience? Good or bad, share with us.




Lifestyle Report